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XClutch is designed and developed in Australia by parent company, Australian Clutch Services (ACS). For over 30 years, the team at ACS have been at the forefront of clutch technology and performance with multiple brands exported around the globe.

XClutch utilises in-house testing equipment to ensure that each clutch is extensively tested and altered before being offered on the market. Our performance upgrades for the street have been designed specifically with this in mind and include the latest technology to allow for excellent feel and performance whilst keeping noise and vibration to a minimum. Now you can have a performance clutch that really works on the street.

There are often a variety of kits available per vehicle so make sure to check the kit contents when ordering a clutch through one of our distributors to ensure you are getting exactly what you require.

*Kit contents are vehicle specific


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A Division of Australian Clutch Services
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XClutch utilise an extensive in-house research and development facility to ensure each clutch kit offers the ultimate balance between performance and driveability for the target vehicle use.

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With the knowledge gained over years of supplying performance upgrades to race teams around the world, XClutch engineers are able to develop numerous performance upgrade options for a huge range of vehicles. Our motorsport clutch kits start at basic ceramic and carbon kits for lightly modified track day vehicles and club level racing all the way through to multi-disc, alloy cover performance kits designed specifically to handle the stresses of high level motorsport including drifting, circuit racing and specialist categories such as Time Attack or Hillclimbing. XClutch performance upgrades are used by teams around the world including 3x Irish Drift Champion Duane McKeever and 2x British Drift Champion Matt Carter.


XClutch also specialises in performance flywheels, clutch hydraulics, bearings, engine/gearbox conversion clutch kits, specialist tools and accessories. For more information, please contact us.