NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH SEMA 2021: Motorsport Hydraulic Release Bearing

November 03, 2021

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH SEMA 2021: Motorsport Hydraulic Release Bearing

XClutch has recently announced a new and innovative performance Hydraulic Release Bearing (HRB) to suit a variety of performance applications. The new HRB has been designed as a universal fitment to be utilised for a wide range of vehicles.

The new HRB was designed in-house at Australian Clutch Services, the parent company of XClutch, and incorporates a billet 6160 alloy housing, high quality EPDM rubber seals and a threaded adjustment sleeve (where required) for universal applications. The HRB has been developed to work with a range of different bearings and is ideal for motorsport applications or where a custom clutch solution is required. The new HRBs are also compatible with all high-quality brake fluids.

The HRB is available in 12 different configurations depending on bearing and braided line requirements and are expected to start being incorporated into associated kits as required in early 2022.

The new HRBs were recently launched at SEMA Show 2021 along with a variety of new performance upgrades that will be launched on the website over the coming days.

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