XClutch Complete Clutch Kits

What's in the Box?

Determining Series Code

The below box inclusions can be identified by the series code.
0= Standard Kit
4= 400 Series Kit (Includes Hydraulic Release Bearing)
5= 500 Series Kit (Includes Flywheel)
6= 600 Series Kit (Includes Flywheel & HRB)

XClutch clutch kits are designed to offer a complete solution. Whether you need a standard pressure plate and friction disc or a complete kit with flywheel, hydraulics and bolts, XClutch has your clutch needs covered. Below are some examples of what you can find in our kits, however for detailed examples, please visit the kit details on our catalogue and always make sure to check the specific inclusions in each kit as each vehicle may have different requirements.

Pressure Plate

XClutch pressure plates have been specifically designed and engineered to improve clamping force and come in a variety of sizes and types depending on your specific vehicle application.

Included In: All Clutch Kits

Friction Disc

XClutch friction discs come in a variety of materials including organic, ceramic and carbon. XClutch also offer a range of different hub options and complete multi-plate setups.

Included In: All Clutch Kits


Available in a range of materials including 4140 Chromoly, XClutch flywheels have been designed to work specifically with your clutch kit.

Included In: 500/600 series clutch kits

Release Bearing

The release bearing should always be changed when replacing your clutch kit to ensure long term durability. These are vital components to the clutch system and are often matched to your new pressure plate diaphragm. These come in clutch kits that dont have a hydraulic release bearing and where required.

Included In: All Clutch Kits that dont have a HRB and where required.

Hydraulic Release Bearing

XClutch supply a replcement or performance upgrade hydraulic release bearing where required for all 400 and 600 series clutch kits. To determine the hydraulic release bearing available for your kit, please check the specific kit details.

Included In: 400/600 series clutch kits

Flywheel Bolts

XClutch flywheel bolts are included in select kits where required. This is normally in kits where the vehicle has torque-to-yield bolts from factory, but can also be required when converting to a different flywheel design.

Included In: Select 500/600 series clutch kits

Clutch Alignment Tool

Clutch alignment tools are critical to an easy and efficient installation of the clutch kit. XClutch include an alignment tool in all popular clutch kits where required, helping to reduce installation time and the chances of bending the friction disc during installation of the transmission.

Included In: All Clutch Kits Where Required

spigot/pilot bearing

Spigot Bearing or Bushes (also known as Pilot Bearings/Bushes) are critical and yet often overlooked components in the clutch system. These items locate the input shaft of the transmission to the crankshaft and failure of this component can cause a wide variety of clutch issues.

Included In: All Clutch Kits Where Required

Spline Grease

Lubrication of key clutch actuation components and the spline of the clutch disc is critical to the successful operation of your new clutch. XClutch include high temperature spline grease in all clutch kits to make installation as easy and efficient as possible.

Included In: All Clutch Kits